BIZSERVE CONSULTANTS LTD is an Administrative Service Provider based in Nicosia – Cyprus with esteemed partners in selected locations (Greece, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine). Our employees combined with the resources of our partners compose a strong team able to operate in any business environment, ready to give bespoke solutions to any inquiry. Our clients range from listed multinational corporations to individuals seeking personal trustee services.

With a great network locally and internationally Bizserve Consultants offers:

  • Company formation (Cyprus, Seychelles, BVI, UK, Hong Kong, Delaware, UAE, Belize, Panama, Marshall Islands and many more)
  • Trustee and nominee services
  • Company secretarial and administrative services
  • Legal and fiduciary services
  • Trust formation
  • Banking Services
  • Provision of corporate offices
  • International tax planning



Our Company’s team is made of qualified and specialist lawyers, corporate administrators, bankers, marketing officers and IT consultants ready to provide professional support to all assigned tasks.  We are able to carry out clients’ requests in Greek, English, Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian. We recruit among the highest caliber professionals in the market and provide them with the required tools to meet clients’ needs. This includes enriching professional experiences, continuous coaching, productive feedback and high learning and education opportunities.


Chris Koutouroushis


Rebecca Tsoupani


Constantinos Klitou


We share the same values, values that inspire and guide our people. We work together, under these values creating a productive environment and culture. We respect individual differences. We seek the facts, not taking anything for granted and we challenge assumptions. We are dedicated and honest providing sound advice and integrated services.


Be successful in every aspect creating tomorrow’s expectation. Whatever our clients’ needs are we focus giving bespoke solutions, building on a long term relationship and mutual trust.



To become pioneers in the provision of unique, creative and reliable business solutions that will give our clients a competitive advantage in their business undertakings. This simple yet vital concept is at the heart of our business strategy.


Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission granted Bizserve Consultants Ltd Authorization to provide Administrative Services. Further to the Law regulating Companies providing Administrative Services and Related Matters of 2012 Bizserve Consultants has applied to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) as of March 2013 to be granted the authorization to provide Administrative Services.

It is with great pleasure to announce that CySec at its meeting held on 2nd June 2014, has decided by virtue of article 12 of the Law to grant Bizserve Consultants Ltd Authorization to provide Administrative Services. The Company will be registered in the Commission’s Register, which has been set up according to Article 25 of the Law, with registration number 66/196.


As of June 2014, Bizserve Consultants is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Fiduciary Association, represented by its Managing Director Mr. Chris Koutouroussis. As of October 2019 Bizserve Consultants is President of the Board, having served as Vice-President in-between. We are proud for this development as CYFA plays an important role in the developments of the fiduciary sector in Cyprus. It enables us to propose new ideas while keeping up with the latest developments, safeguarding the future of the industry.


Being a member in professional organizations gives us the opportunity not only to act but also to be updated with the news and trends in our field of business. Bizserve Consultants is an active member in a various associations such as:

  • The Cyprus Ukraine Business Association

  • The Cyprus Spain Association

  • The Cyprus Romanian Association

  • The Cyprus Chambers of Commerce and Industry


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the voluntary commitment of companies to act responsibly towards the environment, the society in which they do business and the well-being of employees both now and in the future.

Our belief is that Corporate Social Responsibility is not a trick of showing good behavior; it is our responsibility to return the good to society, our employees and the environment. Our firm’s CSR is based on the ethics of honesty, equity, and integrity allowing us to efficiently manage the financial, social and ecological basics of our organization.

Towards our employees

We have fair operating practices for all employees, respecting their cultures, religion and customs. Equal opportunities are given to all employees for training and development. We provide safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work employment. We have open, continuous and two-way communication between Management and Employees enabling the employees to resolve any problem instantly and efficiently.

Towards the environment

Our firm participates in paper recycling program since 2011. We also reduced the use of paper by using electronic communication. We recycle electronic equipment (PCs, photocopiers, fax providers etc.). We save energy by using environment friendly lamps. We turn off lights, computers and unplug all electronic devices (printers, faxes, coffee machines, water coolers) at the end of every weekday. We perform routine maintenance on our heating and cooling systems and we modify temperature in the offices when not in use. We clean our premises and our customers’ offices with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Towards society

We believe that is our duty to create and share knowledge with young people. This is why every year our firm welcomes students for various fields to learn and practice in the field of corporate services industry. Our firm also donates to charity foundations on a yearly basis.



Chris Koutouroushis

Born 9 January 1974, Chris Koutouroushis joined Bizserve Consultants Ltd as General Manager in April 2007 following a 10-year career in banking. He joined Marfin Laiki Bank in 1997 as a Private Banking Portfolio Manager. In February 2001 he joined Alpha Bank as Manager of the Private Banking Unit. In the 6 years with Alpha Bank, he also served from a number of posts including Head of the Affluent Segment of Retail Banking and Head of Product Developments for Retail Banking. Chris spent his academic life in the UK. He holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Warwick, an MSc in Finance & Economics from Queen Mary and Westfield College of the University of London and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Chris is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Firm as well as its business development affairs. He represents the Firm by undertaking presentations and road shows to potential overseas markets and also participated in various international forums, often as speaker. He was the Chairman of the International Business Committee of the Cyprus Fiduciary Association (CFA) between February 2013 and May 2014. Since June 2014 Chris represents Bizserve Consultants at the CFA Board of Directors. Chris is today the Managing Director of Bizserve Consultants.



Rebecca Tsoupani

Rebecca Tsoupani has 30 years of experience in handling international investors’ banking as well as other financial needs. Throughout her career, she has been with Laiki Bank.
She started in the UK as an Operations and Customer service officer. She held this position for 8 years before transferring to Cyprus as Head of Operations and Customer Service Departments, ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering and Central Bank requirements and conditions.
In 1997 Rebecca moved to Belgrade for 2.5 years to set up the Representative Office and promote the Bank’s products and services.

Upon her return to Cyprus she continued her career through the following posts (all in the International Business Unit of the Bank):

Business Development Officer (Close monitoring of co-operation with clients and associates, with a view to enhancing constantly business relations).

Customer Relationship Manager (Overall supervision of the Customer Service Department and promotional activities, ensuring customer satisfaction).

Rebecca joined Bizserve Consultants in September 2013.

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Constantinos Klitou

Constantinos Klitou holds an Asc/BSc in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration from Intercollege, Cyprus. He has over 20 years of experience in banking, corporate, and fiduciary matters with excellent communication skills. Over the years Constantinos has been representing the Firm in various fora and seminars in Cyprus and overseas. Seldom he is a speaker on varying subjects. He is a member of the Cyprus – Russia, Cyprus – China and Cyprus – Spain associations.