Delaware  is a U.S. state located on the Atlantic Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Delaware has developed over the last few years into a very popular location for corporate tax planning. An increasing number of businesses choose Delaware for their corporate headquarters, even though few have any sales and manufacturing facilities located in the state. Delaware is the home of nearly 60 percent of the companies listed on the New York and American Stock Exchanges and more than half of the Fortune 500 firms.

Businessmen interested in doing business either in the United States or in any other jurisdictions worldwide choose Delaware because of its favorable corporate law structure, stability but also because of its reputation as the “American Corporate State”. Bizserve Consultants can incorporate a company in Delaware within 48 hours. Documents such as the by-laws of the company take approximately one week to arrive from Delaware.

Advantages for foreign investors

  • Delaware is considered the most attractive state in the nation for organizing

  • Delaware has no sales tax, nor personal property tax or intangible property tax on corporations. It is not a requirement for the investors to be a US citizens or residents

  • The franchise tax is one of the lowest compares to other states  (less than USD100)

  • No taxation upon shares and no inheritance tax of stock held by non-residents holders.

  • No corporation income tax for doing business outside of Delaware

  • The corporation can keep all of its books and records outside of Delaware.

  • There is no minimum capital requirement

  • It is not a necessity or a requirement to visit the incorporated Delaware company

  • One person can incorporate a company. A corporation may be the incorporator

  • The company is not necessary to trade in Delaware

  • It is not a condition to have premises in Delaware


  • Formation of the company

  • Provision of registered office

  • Provision of director services (Must be an individual)

  • Provision of nominee shareholders (if required)

  • Provision of company secretary

  • Secretarial, Banking and Legal Support