Frequently Asked Questions

Helpie FAQ

  • What are the benefits in incorporating a Cyprus Company?

    Cyprus is a low tax jurisdiction. There is no withholding tax and the corporate tax companies need to pay on their international income is 12.5%. No tax is applied on the transfer of shares.

  • What are the procedures to be followed in registering a ready-made Cyprus company?

    Pick Company from our ready-made or shelf list
    Complete and sign the incorporation questionnaire

    Collect KYC documents

    Your corporate administrator will forward all relevant documents to be signed

    Company documents prepared and released upon settlement of the invoice

    Ready-made companies can be released same day

  • What are the procedures to be followed in registering a new Cyprus Company?

    • Name approval
    • Complete and sign the incorporation questionnaire

    • Registrar of Companies name approval within 2 working days

    • Upon approval we file Company incorporation documents

    • Your corporate administrator will forward all relevant documents to be signed

    • Registrar of Companies Company formation within 5-10 working days

  • How long does it take for a new company to be registered?

    A company to be registered, it usually takes 7-10 working days. However, ready-made companies are can be set-up same day if all documentation is in order.

  • What are ready-made companies?

    Ready-made companies are already incorporated companies at the Registrar of Companies. These companies do not have any activity and can be transferred to a client immediately.

  • What information may be disclosed about a company?

    All company Certificates, the Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as the financial statements (provided they are properly filed) are available for public inspection. The names of the Director(s), Secretary and Shareholder(s) are in the public domain as well. However, information such as the bankers of the company cannot be disclosed.

  • What is a ‘nominee Director’?

    A nominee Director is a Director of a company which does not wish to disclose the identity of its actual Director(s). This is done for confidentiality purposes since all company documents are open to the public. The nominee Director‘s name will appear on the Certificates of the company maintained at the Registrar of Companies instead of the names of the actual Directors. A nominee Director can be a legal entity or an individual.

  • What is a ‘nominee Shareholder’?

    Cyprus companies should have a minimum of one Shareholder. A nominee Shareholder is a legal entity or an individual who holds the shares in trust for the beneficial/true owner of the company only nominally, that is, only in name. In such a way the identity of the actual Shareholder(s) or beneficial/true owner of the company is not disclosed thus corporate and financial privacy and anonymity is secured.

  • What is a registered office?

    The registered office of a company is an address and it serves as the official address of the company. Official documents, legal correspondence with Government entities are sent to this address. Also, this address should be displayed on business letters and any forms of the company. It is a requirement for companies registered in Cyprus to have a registered office in Cyprus.

  • Can a bank account be opened in Cyprus?

    To open a bank account in Cyprus is very easy. This can be made without the need of the client and/or signatory being present to sign on behalf of the company since the documents can be sent by post to the client.