Panama is the southernmost country of Central America. Panama’s economy is based primarily on a well-developed services sector that accounts for three-fourths of GDP. Services include the Panama Canal, banking, the Colon Free Zone, insurance, container ports, flagship registry, and tourism.

Advantages for foreign investors:

  • No obligation to pay income tax when its income is obtained from a source outside Panama.  So, no income tax will be paid for the company’s operations or activities.

  • According to Panama Tax Laws, no income tax is paid for the following corporate activities:

  1. Invoicing the sale of goods and merchandise through a Corporation’s office in Panama at a price greater than the one invoiced to the corporation in Panama for the same goods or merchandise, as long as those products or goods stay out of Panama;

  2. Directing, through a Corporation in Panama, transactions that will become effective, consummate or perfect outside Panama; and

  3. Distributing dividends and participations from Panamanian Corporations or other juridical persons when income is not produced in Panama, including the above mentioned situations.

  • Stockholders may be Panamanians or foreigners and may even be Panamanian or foreign corporations

  • One person alone can be owner of 100% of the corporate stocks comprising the entire corporate capital of a Panamanian corporation, after its incorporation and registration

  • No nationality or residence requirement for the Panamanian corporations’ Directors and Dignitaries

  • Meetings of the stockholders assembly or the Board of Directors may be held anywhere in the world and can be held via telephone, fax, email or any other electronic method

  • Corporate assets or capital of a Panamanian corporation may be kept outside Panama

  • Panamanian corporations may have any licit objectives and carry out any commercial or industrial activity


  • Formation of the company

  • Provision of registered office

  • Provision of director services (minimum 3 Directors and 3 Officers)

  • Provision of nominee shareholders (if requested and/or required)

  • Provision of company secretary

  • Secretarial, Banking and Legal Support